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FAQ: How To Brew Swallow Potion Witcher 3?

How do you make a swallow potion in Witcher 3?

Open your inventory and go the Alchemy tab and scroll down to find the Swallow potion. You’ll see you need 1 x Dwarven Spirit, 5 x Celandine and 1 x Drowner Brain.

Where can I get a swallow potion Witcher 3?

The Witcher

  1. The Book of the Swallow.
  2. Geralt receives this potion from Vesemir in the Prologue during the Defending Kaer Morhen quest.
  3. There are three swallow potions in the wardrobe in the witchers’ laboratory in Kaer Morhen in the Prologue.
  4. Two more in a crate in the Evening hall on the second floor of Kaer Morhen.

How do you give Lena the potion?

Take the potion to the herbalist

With the potion in your inventory talk to Tomira and say “Got a potion for Lena.” and the quest will be complete.

What happened to Lena in The Witcher 3?

She was eventually relocated to the Nilfgaardian Army Group ‘Center’ Camp, where her boyfriend was stationed. If Geralt visits the army center camp: On spotting Geralt, Lena’s boyfriend stopped the witcher and mentioned Lena, revealing that he was the one she was supposed to meet on that ill-fated night.

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Do potions stack in Witcher 3?

There will be no effect on the duration (each separate potion will have their own duration, but the duration is usually the same for each potion), but the effects will indeed stack.

Where can I find Drowners?

Drowners can be encountered in multiple zones throughout The Witcher, and are most often found near bodies of water (lakes, swamps, ect). They are a distinct looking creature; humanoid in nature and pale blue skin, making them easy to pick out at a distance.

Where can I find superior swallow?

Superior Swallow is a Potion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


  1. Ard Skellige- Formula can be bought from Gremist on Ard Skellige.
  2. Novigrad- During the quest Now or Never, in the sewers of Novigrad.
  3. During the quest Contract: Muire D’yaeblen in Abaya’s lair.

Do decoctions refill?

Most Decoctions last at least 30 minutes. They provide a long lasting (niche) buff at the cost of their high toxicity. Like other potions they refill after meditation with the use of an Alcohol; unlike other potions their Toxicity remains constant throughout their effect.

What are werewolves weak against?

Silver or any substance containing silver can harm werewolves, this is their biggest weakness. Packs may also use silver to keep omegas and insubordinate wolves confined or as punishment. Vampire Bite-The vampire venom is toxic to werewolves, as werewolf venom is toxic to vampires.

How do I kill a werewolf in The Witcher 3?

Easiest Way to Kill Werewolves

  1. Stay mobile. Being fast is vital against enemies like werewolves, who make wide swings for massive damage.
  2. Use Yrden and Axii for a moment of respite.
  3. Put Cursed Oil on your sword.
  4. Throw a Devil’s Puffball.
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What is swallow potion?

Swallow (Basic Potion)

Consuming a Swallow potion increases the rate at which Vitality regenerates for the potion’s duration. Regeneration stops upon taking damage. This potion can be upgraded to Enhanced Swallow with greater effect.

Where is Tomira in white orchard?

You can help Witcher Wiki by expanding it. Tomira’s hut is the home of the herbalist Tomira. It is an unmarked location found west of White Orchard village, and east of White Orchard’s sawmill. The hut only becomes unlocked once the quest “The Beast of White Orchard” is obtained by speaking to Peter Saar Gwynleve.

How do I start death’s bed Witcher 3?

On Death’s Bed

While completing the primary quest, the Beast of White Orchard, you have to locate a herbalist. You’ll find her in the house just east of the Sawmill in White Orchard. Speak with her about the main quest, then speak with her again and offer to help her sick patient.

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