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FAQ: How To Recruit Raven?

How do I recruit Renault?

In Victory or Death, Renault can be recruited by visiting the ruins to the north of the map within 11 turns; failing to reach the ruins within this time causes him to leave the battleground upon failing to find tranquility in the area.

Is Raven good FE7?

Hero Raven is currently kicking ass in my FE7 playthrough. His character, meh but he is easily one of my go to units in this game. Raven is a great unit with good combat viability, great supports, exceptional speed in proportion to strength. And he’s a solid unit

How do you recruit Harken FE7?

Kenneth’s Map: To get Harken, you must defeat AT MOST 1 promoted enemy by the end of turn 9. To get Karel, you must defeat AT LEAST 2 promoted enemies by the end of turn 9. Kenneth does not count to the boss counter. You can recruit them with the same people as mentioned in the above paragraph.

How do you recruit Lucius?

Just before the cavaliers appear, a cut scene will take place in which Raven breaks free from the prison cell. By default, he’s an enemy unit, but if you can safely get Priscilla to talk to him she’ll persuade him to your cause. Once Raven has joined you, send him to talk to Lucius, and Raven will recruit him as well.

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Should I kill Kishuna Fire Emblem?

User Info: NobleRoar. Uhm, killing Kishuna will only open a new side quest, so if you want to, go for it. Don’t stress yourself out if he teleports away, you won’t be able to unlock that side quest until you’ve started Hector’s story. Also I’d kill the enemies around him first, they don’t move.

How do you get Legault?

Legault can be recruited by having the main lord (either Eliwood or Hector depending on the mode) or Lyn speak to him. His goal before joining the player is to loot all of the items in the treasure chests in that level and make off with them.

How do you recruit Canas?


He is only recruit able if you move a character into the house with the red roof closest to the starting point on the map. He automatically joins your party when you do that and is the only shamen you can recruit in the game.

How does Hector die Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

He and his army is overtaken at a base on the border of Lycia early on in the game, though Roy does rescue him. Hector survives the torture, but sustains major wounds and dies after the battle.

Who is better Harken or Karel?

Harken is way better and you get a Brave Sword out of it. The only problem is that Raven and Karel are just so much better than Guy. So if you want one Swordmaster and one Hero get Karel, and Harken if you dont care if you have two heroes.

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How do you get geitz in Fire Emblem Awakening?

Geitz can only be recruited if your lords total level adds up to 50 or higher by Eliwood’s saga chapter 23 and Hector’s saga chapter 24.

How do I recruit Vaida?

Vaida is a WyvernLord that shows up in Chapter 24 Eliwood’s saga and chapter 26 Hector’s as an enemy with increased stats, and if she is not killed she shows up as an enemy in chapter 27 Eliwood and chapter 29 Hector’s and is recruited by talking to her with the main Lord.

How do I recruit Fiora?

Fiora can be recruited in Chapter 18 (Eliwood’s Tale) or Chapter 19 (Hector’s Story). She appears as an NPC at the beginning of Turn 3, and will join the party if spoken to with Florina. She is the second pegasus knight that can be recruited.

How do I recruit Farina?

Recruitment. Speak to her in Chapter 25 of Hector’s story mode and pay her. It should be noted that if the player talks to her a second time, even if its the turn after the first conversation, and the player refuses to pay her, she will leave and it will become impossible to recruit her.

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