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How To Make A Peacock Tutu Dress?

How do you attach peacock feathers to Tulle?

When attaching peacock feathers to tulle, it is best not to glue peacock feathers directly; use felt as an intermediary instead.

  1. Cut the felt into your desired design.
  2. Put fabric glue onto the back of the felt piece and attach it to the tulle.
  3. Attach the peacock feathers onto the felt.

How many layers of tulle do you need for a tutu dress?

A tutu usually has an average of 12 layers of frills with some going up to 16 layers for extra fullness.

How many yards of tulle do you need to make a tutu?

FOR EACH ADULT TUTU you will need a total of 4 yards of tulle.

How do you glue peacock feathers together?


  1. Paint the canvas with a color that compliments the feathers.
  2. Spread a thin coat of glue or modgepodge in the area you are going to attach the feathers.
  3. Gently press the feathers into place, wrapping them around the edges of the canvas for an interesting effect.
  4. Gently dab glue on top of the feathers.
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Why is it called a tutu?

The tutu was first introduced to the world by ballet dancer Marie Taglioni. While there’s no definite story behind the garment’s name, it’s likely that it came from the French children’s word “tu-tu,” which means “bottom,” since it’s worn around the ballerina’s waist.

How do you make a tutu stick out straight?

Use the material at the crotch of the tutu and place a pinch of fabric inside two clothespins. Attach the clothespins to the hanger. Allow the tutu to dry completely before removing it from the hanger. The starch should stiffen the fabric, and the hanging will ensure the fabric stays straight.

How much does it cost to make a tutu?

DIY tutu (blogger estimates around $2 for cost of making tutu)

How much tulle do I need for a 12 month tutu?

Cut the Tulle

For long tutus, cut seven or eight rolls of 6”-wide tulle into the following length strips: 12 – 18 months = 24”, 2T = 30”, 3T = 35”, 4T = 38”, 5T = 42”, 6T = 46”, 7 yrs.

How do you make a simple tutu?

Follow this simple tutorial and you’ll have a tutu in no time!

  1. Supplies:
  2. Step 1: Measure the child’s waist, as well as from the waist down to the point where you’d like your tutu to fall.
  3. Step 2: Cut your strips of tulle.
  4. Step 3: Cut your ribbon.
  5. Step 4: Start knotting on your tulle!
  6. Step 5: You’re done!

What material is used for tutu dress?

The classic tulle tutu is taken down a notch when you incorporate fabric and ribbon and makes quite a stunning look for a little lady! Follow along below for easy instructions on how to make your own tutu dress!

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