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How To Rent Bird Scooters?

How do I go about renting an electric scooter from Bird?

  1. Make sure you have an account
  2. Add your payment method
  3. Locate a scooter on the map, and then head in that direction.
  4. You may either use the app to scan the QR code that is located on the handlebars, or you can manually type it into the app
  5. After that, your ride will get under way

How much do Bird scooter rentals cost?

However, as of late, Bird has started charging customers a higher rate for the use of their rentals.This has mostly had an impact on large cities like as Austin, Texas, and San Diego, which are among the most popular places to hire scooters.Rides in these places may cost as much as 33 cents per minute, which is nearly twice as much as the price of the Bird scooter when you first purchase it.

How do I properly ride a Bird scooter?

You may look at the instructions on how to start and ride the Bird scooter in the app on your device. Ride in designated bike lanes or as near to the right curb as possible rather than on sidewalks, unless the legislation in your area specifically allows you to do so. When you’re not using your Bird scooter, make sure you lock it up.

Can I have a Bird scooter delivered?

Deliveries of Bird scooters are now possible! You may have a Bird brought to your door each morning by signing up for the service on the Bird-Enjoy The Ride app, and then you can ride it for the entirety of the day.

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