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Often asked: Where Are Peacock Bass Found?

Where can I find peacock bass in the US?

Snapper Creek and the Tamiami Canals System are some of the best spots in Miami to catch a Peacock Bass, and there are over 40 miles of fishing grounds to explore. The Peacock Bass usually hides around rocks and bridge pilings. You can also find them near any underwater construction.

What states do peacock bass live in?

In the continental United States, you have one option: South Florida. The farther south you go, the better. For instance, you won’t find many peacocks in Palm Beach, but you might find a few in Lake Worth, which is a few miles south. Fort Lauderdale and Miami afford even more opportunities.

Where do peacock bass live in Florida?

Anywhere throughout these two counties, if you can find a canal, you’re likely to find peacock bass. Our top choices are the C-103 Canal, Black Creek Canal, and Snapper Creek Canal. They run through neighborhoods, by stores, and close to all interstate highways, so you’re always sure to find one that works for you.

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Are peacock bass invasive to Florida?

Peacock Bass are the great success story of Florida’s exotic fish. They come from Brazil and were introduced in Florida in the ’80s. These days, they’re one of the state’s most popular game fish and have slotted into the food chain without threatening native populations.

What is the biggest peacock bass ever caught?

As a reward for this successful pioneering initiative, Marcel Christian Griot, a fisherman from Venezuela, caught, in the most recent fishing season on the Marié River, the largest speckled peacock bass ever recorded, weighing in at 14 kg, and submitted for recognition as the new world record.

Can you eat a peacock bass?

Their eating quality is very good. Their flesh is white and sweet when cooked, and has very little oil, making it similar in taste to snapper or grouper. Also, they are not excessively bony.

What is the best bait for peacock bass?

Live shiners are almost a can’t-miss bait, but many anglers prefer to cast with lures. Among the best offerings are topwater plugs, crankbaits and spoons, worked steadily and fairly fast. Skip plastic worms; Peacock Bass don’t like them at all.

What is the biggest peacock bass caught in Florida?

The largest butterfly peacock caught in Florida weighed 12.0 pounds and measured 25.5 inches, but this fish was not submitted for a state record. It is not known how long they live, but preliminary data suggests about six years.

How can you tell if a peacock bass is male or female?

Did You Know? One differentiating anatomical characteristic between male and female peacock bass is that male peacock bass develop a prominent hump (see image above), its purpose the source of much speculation. Theories suggest it is used in combat with other males and to attract females during spawning activity.

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Can you keep peacock bass in Florida?


The peacock bass is the state of Florida’s top game fish for recreational freshwater anglers. Bass in Florida reach proportions and are caught year-round. A trophy peacock is one in the 5+ pound range. You can find peacock in canals and lakes near underwater structures and rocks.

Is there peacock bass in Lake Okeechobee?

We specialize in South Florida fishing on Lake Okeechobee, the Florida Everglades and peacock bass. Everyone knows Lake Okeechobee is world famous for largemouth bass as well as one of the greatest lakes in the country for panfish.

Are there peacock bass in the Everglades?

A top fishing locale, the Everglades ecosystem supports Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass and scores of other native species like Mudfish, Warmouth and Gar. Frequented by seasoned anglers, the Everglades holds the record for the highest number of fish caught per person per hour – and boy do they bite!

Should you kill snakeheads in Florida?

Snakeheadsan exotic fish that has all of us running for our lives. This invasive “Lake Monster” can live up to four hours out of water and can consume small children left unattended while playing outdoors. These fish should be killed as soon as they are caught!

Do peacock bass eat worms?

Since peacock bass are piscivores through and through, their aquarium diet calls for plenty of fish. As they acclimate to life inside of the aquarium, they usually start to accept eating fleshy sustenance such as diced seafood, tubifex worms, bloodworms and earthworms.

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Why do peacock bass have humps?

The sexually ripe male is normally identified by a pronounced forehead “hump” of fatty tissue that is stimulated by sexual maturity. Recent scientific evidence also exists that some females may exhibit a small “hump” as well. The hump is reabsorbed within several weeks after spawning.

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