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Often asked: White Heron Cup Who To Choose?

Who should I choose for the White Heron Cup?

Dorothea is the popular pick for the White Heron Cup for so many reasons. She has a naturally high Charm stat which is sure to win her the competition, she’s skilled with both swords and magic, and she has plenty of dancing experience from her time as an opera performer.

How do you win the White Heron Cup?

To win the Cup, you must have a high Charm stat. To increase your Charm, talk and choose to train your representative. This will begin a Dance Practice session — you’ll instantly earn 5 Charm each time you do this. You can only do this one per week.

Who should be dancer three houses?

Our picks for the best Dancers include Dorothea, Flayn, and Annette in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. What’s interesting about the White Heron Cup competition is that it’s not judging based on dancing stat merits, but on Charisma in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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How much charm do you need to win the White Heron Cup?

The goal of the White Heron Cup quest is to enter one of your students into a dance competition, and have them win the competition to unlock the Dancer class. To win the competition, you need to select someone that has at least 13 points of Charm.

Can female Byleth marry Rhea?

Finally we have the motherly but zealous Rhea later on. Sothis is also a romance option for female Byleth. This means that female Byleth players only get the maximum number of same-sex options if they join the Black Eagles. Dorothea starts with that faction, too, but Edelgard is only available if you sign up with them.

Can Byleth be a dancer?

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players can invite certain characters to sit down and drink tea together in order to spend quality time with them and increase their bonds. Players will be able to don dancer clothes as Byleth, but Byleth won’t be able to actually become the dancer class.

Why does Felix hate Dimitri?

It’s revealed that Felix’s brother gave his life to save Dimitri. Felix hates this and hates how his father treats his death as some noble thing. He likely holds Dimitri to an extremely high standard because his brother gave his life for him. Anything he does could be a stain on his brother’s memory to Felix.

What happens if you lose the White Heron Cup?

User Info: Decapre. IIRC, if you lose the White Heron, you miss out on the Dancer class and the person that you picked to compete ends up being disappointed if you talk to them. Rhea is disappointed as well. DON’T INTERFERE!

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Is Dorothea a good dancer?

Her relatively middling stats. She’s not exceptional at anything aside from spell selection. Pretty much just gives her something to do when she’s not lobbing meteors or healing. She also has high charm for the Dancer combat art, although hexblade is usually still better.

Is dancer class good three houses?

Dancers are a strange but powerful class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They’re largely a support class thanks to their ability to enable allies to move again and a lack of useful combat abilities or proficiencies. While anyone can become a dancer given enough work here are the best units to step into this role.

What class is best for Flayn?

Best Class For Flayn

  • Monk. Reason. Faith.
  • Cavalier. Sword. Lance. Riding.
  • Mage. Reason. Faith.
  • Priest. Reason. Faith.
  • Paladin. Sword. Lance. Riding.
  • Warlock. Reason. Faith.
  • Bishop. Reason. Faith.
  • Holy Knight. Lance. Faith. Riding.

How do you switch to a dancer with 3 houses?

Fire Emblem Three HousesHow to Change Class to Dancer

Instead, you have to select “Reclass” from the Inventory menu, where you will find the Dancer under “Unique Classes.” It’s kind of confusing that class options are buried in Inventory, but so are Skills and Combat Arts.

Do you lose Flayn?

Alois, shamir, manuela, and hannaman stays. Cyril, flayn, seteth, and Catherine leaves. On church, everybody but eddie and Hubert stays.

Does Flayn leave Black Eagles?

Seteth and Catherine don’t ‘leave‘, you just can’t recruit them. Same with Cyril. Flayn is the only one who leaves your group on the Edelgard route.

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