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Question: How Old Is Raven On Big Brother?

Are BB Raven and Matt still together?

Raven Walton & Matthew Clines

Status Today: While their relationship status appears to be over, E! News learned last fall that the pair remain great friends. And when Raven experienced a few health struggles in 2018, Matt was able to keep fans updated on social media.

What happened to Raven from Big Brother?

While they are no longer romantically involved, Raven and Matt have fortunately remained friends. This has certainly left them on better terms than some other showmances. Big Brother is currently in season 22, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Who ate all the cereal in Big Brother?

Matthew Clines was known for three things in the Big Brother household: His showmance with Raven Walton, his cereal obsession and that good ole blue shirt.

Is Kevin from Big Brother a cop?

While Kevin isn’t secretly a cop, he still has another career in his past that the houseguests don’t know about. Kevin, in his younger years, was a successful model.

Why did Corey and Nicole break up?

Nicole nor Corey have come out with the real reason behind their split, however Nicole deleted Corey off of social media after he had posted a photo with conservative commentator, Tomi Lahren.

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Who has died from Big Brother?

From the celebrity version, Jackie Stallone and John McCririck from season three, Pete Burns from season four, Ken Russell from season five, Verne Troyer from season six, Keith Chegwin from season 15, David Gest from season 17, and Derek Acorah from season 20 have all passed away.

How old is Kevin BB?

Kevin Campbell: Age and Childhood

Kevin Campbell celebrates his birthday every year on September 18 and will turn 41 this year (2020).

Is Kevin on Big Brother Black?

Fun facts about yourself: -I’m half Black, half Japanese. -I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness but was excommunicated at 21 years old. -I was humiliated when I lost Season 11 of Big Brother and came in third place.

Who is Kevin on Big Brother married to?

Kevin Campbell Is Married To Alphonso

Kevin Campbell, who placed third during Big Brother season 11, is the first third-place Houseguest to be evicted on finale night.

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