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Question: Who Was Peacock On The Masked Singer?

Is Hugh Jackman the peacock?

Originally “pop culture guru” Jenny McCarthy thought the Peacock is Hugh Jackman because of his song selection, but Robin Thicke struck down that idea because the performer is too short.

Who was revealed on the Masked Singer 2020?

Episode 1: The Robot

After struggling with the clunky Robot head, a smiling Lil Wayne was revealed to be the masked artist. Judge Robin Thicke said that the reveal was the most surprising of the series’ history, which is hard to refute.

Who is the hippo?

The judges eliminated Hippo, and Hippo turned out to be Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown is a famous football player — famous enough that he’s on the cover of the video game Madden 19.

Who is unicorn on masked singer?

During episode six, the Unicorn was finally revealed to be Jake Shears, who is no stranger to having his name in lights as a member of the group Scissor Sisters.

Who got unmasked on the Masked Singer Season 4?

Dragon. The dragon was slayed in the season 4 premiere. The ferocious firebreather mask was removed to reveal famed rapper Busta Rhymes.

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Who won Masked Singer Season 3?

After the songs were sung and the final votes were tallied, it was Night Angel who took the victory for Season 3, the first time a woman has won the competition. (The Season 2 and 1 winners were Wayne Brady and T-Pain, respectively).

Who won Masked Singer Season 4?

Mushroom was named this season’s runner-up and was unveiled as Aloe Blacc. And last but certainly not least, Sun was crowned the Season 4 winner and turned out to be LeAnn Rimes.

What can kill a hippo?

33. What predators are there for a hippo? While many carnivores (even birds) can eat a hippo’s meat, very few can actually kill a hippo on their own. Since a single bite from a hippo can crush a lion as if it is nothing, lions can only hunt a hippo in a bigger group.

Is hippo skin bulletproof?

Hippos can live up to 120 years in the wild; up to 836 in captivity. A hippo can hold its breath underwater for 19 days. A hippo’s skin is bulletproof. It can, however, be removed with a zipper located underneath the torso of the animal.

Who is the hippo on Masked Singer Season 1?


Stage name Celebrity Occupation
Deer Terry Bradshaw NFL Hall of Famer
Pineapple Tommy Chong Actor/comedian
Hippo Antonio Brown NFL player

What celebrity is called Bird as a nickname?

Kathleen York is an American actress, screenwriter, and Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter recording artist. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “In the Deep” from the 2004 film Crash.

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