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Readers ask: How To Get To Heron Island?

How do you get to Heron Island?

Getting to Heron Island and the Great Barrier Reef takes just a little bit of planning, but it’s well worth the effort. The nearest urban centre and commercial airport is located 72kms from Heron Island in Gladstone. Regular flights to Gladstone are available via Brisbane with either Qantas or Virgin Australia.

How long does the ferry take from Gladstone to Heron Island?

It takes approximately 32 min to get from Gladstone to Heron Island, including transfers. 5 дней назад

How do you get to Heron Island from Brisbane?

There is no direct connection from Brisbane to Heron Island. However, you can take the train to Gladstone, take the taxi to Gladstone Marina, then take the ferry to Heron Island. 5 дней назад

Where does Heron Island Ferry leave from?

As of 13 May 2019, the Heron Islander catamaran departs Gladstone Marina (Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone, Qld, 4680) five days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at approximately 9:30am, arriving at Heron Island around 11:45am.

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Can you take alcohol to Heron Island?

Guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverages onto Heron Island, and liquor licensing laws prohibit the consumption of BYO alcohol. All touring and transfer pricing is subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

Can you day trip to Heron Island?


The Heron Islander operates every day with the exception of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Christmas Day. The boat departs the Gladstone Marina located at 98 Bryan Jordan Dr, Gladstone Central.

Can you swim at Heron Island?

Certainly, it makes the Great Barrier Reef Swim at Heron Island one of the most difficult swims that a mug can do. We‘re all experienced at swimming into a current but we don’t get many swims where the currents get up to as many tricks as they do around Heron, and at the same time it can be so strong.

Are there snakes on Heron Island?

Surprisingly, there are no mosquitoes or other biting insects and the island has no poisonous snakes or spiders, either.

What is the best time to visit Heron Island?

April – June. After the rainy period, Autumn eases the daytime temperatures and brings perfectly warm and sunny days. The ideal season for swimming, snorkeling and fishing, Autumn is a fantastic time to visit Heron Island. Additionally, the last of the turtle hatchlings occur up until May.

Can you visit Heron Island?

Opportunities abound on Heron Island for group activities, eco excursions and boat tours! Join one of our resident Naturalist Guides to learn about the fascinating Great Barrier Reef ecosystem, the flora and fauna of the island, or schedule your own private tour!

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Can you stay on Heron Island?

Heron Island Accommodation

Located in a World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Heron Island offers 112, room, suite and beach house accommodation. Guest rates are inclusive of room and breakfast as well as snorkel, mask and flippers hire for the length of stay for 2 guests.

Does Heron Island have Internet?

Internet is offered in Baillie’s Bar, the Pandanus Lounge, Reception and Shearwater Restaurant. Different packages are available starting at: $9.95 AUD: Data: 200 MB.

Where is Lady Elliot Island?

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay situated at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. We are located approximately 80 kilometers north-east of Bundaberg and nestled in between Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island. Lady Elliot is the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane, Queensland’s southern capital.

How do you get to Heron Island from Melbourne?

The quickest way to get from Melbourne to Heron Island is to train and ferry which costs $270 – $600 and takes 36h 51m.

How do I get to Lady Elliot Island?

No, the only access to Lady Elliot Island is by aircraft and our Reservations Team will book the scenic flight transfer with your accommodation. The scenic flight to Lady Elliot Island is a spectacular start to your holiday!

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