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The Masked Dancer Who Is The Exotic Bird?

Masked celebrity Exotic Bird appears in episodes of the American television show The Masked Dancer. The parakeet is symbolized by the Exotic Bird card. She has bright blue eyes with white eyelashes, white cheeks, blue feathers behind her eyes, an orange glittery beak, and a variety of colored feathers on their head. Her feathers are black. Her eyes are vibrant blue. Her eyelashes are white.

When Paula Abdul Appeared on ‘The Masked Dancer,’ She Was Very Familiar With the Exotic Bird (SPOILERS) Update: The audience members and the guest panelist Paula Abdul knew it the whole time! It was discovered on February 3 that singer and American Idol champion Jordin Sparks was hiding her identity behind the Exotic Bird mask during the first season of The Masked Dancer.

Is exotic bird the Masked Singer on the masked dancer?

Fans of ″The Masked Singer″ now have access to a completely new category of artists to recognize thanks to the introduction of ″The Masked Dancer.″ Despite the fact that the signs appeared to point to an athlete for Exotic Bird, fans of a well-known singer believe that she is hiding behind the mask, and we agree with them.

What is the masked dancer?

The Masked Dancer is a spinoff of the massively popular reality program The Masked Singer, and it is intended to keep viewers satisfied while they wait for the main show to return. There are certain deviations from the original format of the show, despite the fact that the basic premise remains the same.

Who is exotic bird on American Idol?

However, followers of Jordin Sparks, who competed on American Idol, were immediately aware of who Exotic Bird was. Even while the sports vibe is still appropriate for Sparks, whose father was a player in the NFL, it was probably done with the intention of confusing spectators. The combination of these hints and Exotic Bird’s towering stature proved to be the winning combination.

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