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What Happened To Night Bird On America’S Got Talent?

Nightbirde has quickly been a fan favorite on the current season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent; however, the competitor just broke the news to her social media followers that she would not be continuing on with the competition.Nightbirde, whose true name is Jane Marczewski, announced her departure from the music industry through Instagram, citing the need to concentrate on her battle against cancer.

(CNN) The singer Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name Nightbirde, has passed away following a battle with cancer, according to her family. Marczewski garnered a legion of admirers after becoming a competitor on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ which led to her passing.

Why did nightbirde leave AGT?

This is how their stories go. After taking a break from America’s Got Talent due to the progression of her disease, Nightbirde returned on Wednesday to express her gratitude to the show’s judges and audience members for their support.

What did nightbirde say about her future?

The singer requested that her supporters continue to be with her and assured them that she would ″get better soon″ in a message that was published on August 2.In the final sentence of her message, she stated, ″I’m not planning my legacy; I’m preparing my future.″ Nightbirde uploaded a film of her singing on Instagram today (August 10), and shared it with her fans.However, it is unknown when the video was actually filmed in the first place.

Who is nightbirde’s real name?

The emotive poem, which the singer, whose given name is Jane Marczewski, titled A Hero in Flames, posted on her Instagram account.The singer’s true name is Jane Marczewski.The above picture was shot by a buddy, according to Nightbirde, who ″somehow catches my genuine soul on film every time.″ Credit should be given to Instagram/Nightbirde Nightbirde read a personal poem to the group in which she discussed death.

What happened to Jane night bird from American Idol?

″It is with the utmost grief that we confirm that after a four year fight with cancer, Jane Marczewski, known to many of you as Nightbirde, passed away on February 19th 2022,″ her family said in a statement that was posted on Monday.

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Why did Night Bird have to drop out of AGT?

Nightbirde, whose emotionally charged performance on ″America’s Got Talent″ earned her a Golden Buzzer, said on Monday that she will be withdrawing from the competition in order to concentrate on her battle against cancer.During her audition for the show, the woman from Zanesville, Ohio, had disclosed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.Her segment was broadcast in June, and shortly thereafter, she became an internet sensation.

How long does Jane Marczewski have to live?

Jane Marczewski, who competed on America’s Got Talent under the artist name ″Nightbirde,″ passed away on Saturday after a courageous battle against breast cancer that lasted for four years. Her age was 31.

Who is Nightbird Jane on America’s got talent?

Jane Marczewski, the singer who was originally from Zanesville and was known as ″Nightbirde,″ and who became a hit after performing on ″America’s Got Talent,″ lost her fight with cancer and passed away on Saturday night at her home in San Clemente, California, accompanied by her family. Her age was 31. Katelyn, Marczewski’s sister, stated that her passing had been verified.

Who was Nightbird?

Nightbirde, whose birth name was Jane Marczewski, was a famous performer from the United States who was also a lyricist. The 31-year-old woman, who had previously auditioned for America’s Got Talent by putting in a tape, was invited on the show and impressed Simon Cowell and the other judges with her stirring performance of an original song titled ″It’s Okay.″

Who dropped out AGT 2021?

Nightbirde, a 30-year-old singer whose performance of the original song ″It’s OK″ on NBC’s ″America’s Got Talent″ wowed the panel of judges, recently revealed that she will be quitting the program in order to concentrate on her battle against cancer.

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What did Simon Cowell say about Nightbird?

Nightbirde, a former contestant on ″America’s Got Talent,″ is being remembered by judge Simon Cowell, who has described the late singer as ″brave″ and ″gifted.″ The news that @ nightbirde has passed away is really upsetting; she was a wonderful person who was also very brave and brilliant. She had a significant effect on America’s Got Talent and the world in general.

Why did Simon’s golden buzzer dropout?

The singer, whose true name is Jane Marczewski and who is 30 years old, had been making preparations to perform at the live concerts after receiving the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell; however, the star was unable to continue on the reality competition program as a result of her cancer treatments.

Has anyone died on a talent show?

Brandon Rogers.Brandon’s audition was never broadcast to viewers since he was sadly killed in a vehicle accident in 2017 before the audition was ever televised.Since its initial airing on ″America’s Got Talent,″ the video of the 29-year-old doctor singing ″Ribbon in the Sky″ has been viewed millions of times online.The family gave the show’s producers permission to continue airing the performance.

What happened to the girl who sang its OK on AGT?

In 2017, the singer known for her hit ″It’s OK″ received her initial breast cancer diagnosis. Nightbirde, a musician from the United States, lost her fight with illness and went away at the age of 31.

Has anyone gotten injured on AGT?

A spokesperson for the show told PEOPLE in a statement that ″during a rehearsal last evening for America’s Got Talent: Extreme, an accident occurred in which escape artist Jonathan Goodwin was injured while performing his act.″ The statement was released shortly before production was temporarily halted.

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