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What Is The Message Of The Poem Caged Bird?

A lesson of perseverance is conveyed in this poem, despite the fact that the bird in the cage is helpless since it has not yet given up. The last remaining act of agency that he possesses is the singing of the bird. The words ″his feet are clipped and his wings are tied/ so he opens his mouth to sing″ are repeated many times throughout the song.

  1. The idea of independence is recurrent throughout the poem.
  2. This is portrayed in the very first line of the poem, which introduces ″the free bird.″ Slavery, on the other hand, is the antithesis of freedom.
  3. A bird kept in captivity but allowed to ″sing of freedom″ The bird that was originally kept in a cage was designed to fly freely once it was released.
  4. Nevertheless, it is being held in an artificial environment, being confined in a cage.

What is the meaning of the poem Caged Bird?

  1. Maya Angelou’s poem ″Caged Bird″ is regarded as one of the most significant literary works ever written.
  2. In it, the poet compares and contrasts the lives of two birds, one of which is free and the other of which is imprisoned.
  3. The bird without chains navigates its way through the air currents, giving the impression that he owns the sky.
  4. On the other hand, the bird that is confined to its cage has very limited mobility inside its confinement.

Why does the Caged Bird still sing of freedom?

The speaker is implying here that despite the fact that the bird in the cage may never have had the opportunity to experience freedom, the bird still sings of it since he was designed to be free. The African-American battle throughout Maya Angelou’s lifetime is comparable to this current fight.

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What happens in the second stanza of the poem Caged?

A contrast between a bird that is free and one that is imprisoned is presented in the second verse. The fury that the caged bird feels at having his wings cut and his feet fastened stems from the fact that he is imprisoned. The bird is encouraged to sing by being confined in a cage that restricts its flying, having its wings clipped, and having its feet bound.

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