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Where Is The Bird Seeds In Granny?

The Birdseed Bowl is a minor construction that can be found in the Crow Room of Granny. It is a new addition to the game as of version 1.7.

The Seed for the Birds The cloakroom located within the Crow Room (Hammer needed). The trunk of the automobile in the garage (Car Key needed). The locker on the second floor, in the Spider Room, that requires a Special Key as well as either Meat or a Crossbow or Shotgun to open.

What does the birdseed do in Granny?

The Birdseed is an item that the Player must utilize in order to successfully obtain the object that is locked away in the Crow Cage. Doing so requires the Crow to be distracted. Granny was updated to version 1.7 to include the feature.

Where can I find bird seed in granny house?

The spider will be preoccupied with eating the meat, and it will be up to you to go to the open box in the spider chamber and collect the bird seed from there. 4 circumstance: when you come out of the room and notice a gasoline can in the place of the screwdriver, this indicates that the bird seed is located in the backyard of the granny house in the game.

What does birdseed look like?

The Birdseed looks like a crow sitting on top of a package of grains. The grains have the appearance of a sandy, gravely texture, which may be due to the fact that they are incredibly fine. It has the words ″Bird Seed″ written on it.

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