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Question: What is the state bird of kentucky?

Why is the cardinal the state bird of Kentucky?

The Kentucky cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), commonly known as the red bird, was officially selected as the state bird of Kentucky by a resolution of the Senate of Kentucky, the House of Representatives concurring, approved on February 26, 1926. The bird was chosen because it is a native of the State of Kentucky.

What is the state fruit of Kentucky?

Kentucky has an official state tree, the Tulip Poplar; state insect, the Viceroy butterfly; and now a state fruit, blackberry.

What is Kentucky’s state insect?


State State insect Binomial name
Kentucky European honey bee (state agricultural insect) Apis mellifera
Viceroy butterfly (state butterfly ) Limenitis archippus
Louisiana European honey bee Apis mellifera
Maine European honey bee Apis mellifera

How many states have the cardinal as the state bird?

7 States: Northern Cardinal or, simply, referred to as Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis): State Bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia.

Are there Cardinals in Kentucky?

The beautiful cardinal with its bold red coloring and striking black mask is the state bird of Kentucky. There are over 300 bird species native to the state, but the cardinal was singled out for the honor of state bird by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1926.

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How did the Cardinal become the state bird?

The General Assembly adopted the cardinal as the official bird of Ohio in 1933. Its red plumage, high crest and beautiful song made it a fitting symbol of the state. You might suspect that Ohio had lots of cardinals back when the state was mostly forests, but that would not be true.

What is Kentucky famous for?

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kentucky 1 Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Jeff Kubina / photo modified. 2 Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. 3 Daniel Boone National Forest. 4 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. 5 Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. 6 Mammoth Cave National Park. 7 Kentucky Horse Park. 8 Muhammad Ali Center.

What are 3 interesting facts about Kentucky?

Ten Bluegrass State Facts to Celebrate National Kentucky Day Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world. The song “Happy Birthday to You” was penned by two Louisville sisters. Post-its were invented there. The very first American public performance of a Beethoven symphony was in Kentucky. A total of 8,396 Thoroughbred foals were born in Kentucky in 2016 alone.

What bird is the state bird of the most states?

The northern cardinal is the state bird of seven states, followed by the western meadowlark as the state bird of six states. States with the same state bird.

Bird # of states
Northern mockingbird 5
Wild turkey ( state game bird or wild game bird ) 4
American robin 3
Bobwhite quail ( state game bird or wild game bird ) 3

Which is the most popular state bird?

The most famous bird is the northern cardinal which was selected by seven states. US State Birds.

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Rank 1
 State /Territory Alabama ( state bird )
State Bird Yellowhammer
Scientific Name Colaptes auratus
Year 1927

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What state has the mosquito as the state bird?

Mosquitoes have been found preserved in amber tens of millions of years old.

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