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Quick Answer: What is tennessee’s state bird?

What is Tennessee’s state animal?

Raccoon. In 1971, the Raccoon was adopted as Tennessee’s official wild animal. The Raccoon, Procyon lotor, is a furry animal that has a bushy, ringed tail and a band of black hair around its eyes which looks like a mask.

What is Tennessee’s state flower?

Why is Tennessee State Bird A Mockingbird?

The Northern Mockingbird was named the official state bird of Tennessee in 1933. It was selected as a result of an election conducted by the Tennessee Ornithological Society. Mockingbirds will eject cowbird eggs from the nest, preventing decreased nesting success caused by this nest parasite.

What is Tennessee’s state bird flower and motto?

Tennessee, one of five states that have adopted the mockingbird as their state bird, also has an official game bird, the bobwhite quail. Tennessee’s state tree is the tulip poplar, while three species share the title of state flower: the passion flower, the Tennessee coneflower and the iris.

What is Tennessee’s state food?

The tomato, scientifically known as Lycopersicon lycopersicum, was designated Tennessee’s official state fruit in 2003 by the 103rd General Assembly (Public Chapter 154). While commonly considered, and commonly functioning as, a vegetable, the tomato is, botanically speaking, a fruit.

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What is Tennessee’s nickname?

What is Tennessee famous for?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tennessee The Smokies: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Graceland and the Elvis Presley Memphis Complex. Birth of the Music Biz: Nashville. Home of the Blues: Memphis. Hello, Dollywood. Tennessee’s Civil War Heritage. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. The Parthenon, Nashville.

Can I own a raccoon in Tennessee?

Those states allow residents to keep many of the species outlawed in Tennessee. Snakes, raccoons and turtles are the most common animals that the TWRA takes. They have also taken away people’s pet skunks, squirrels and even vultures.

What is the largest city in Tennessee?

What birds sing at night in Tennessee?

The common mockingbird is a superb songbird and mimic. Its own song has a pleasant lilt, varied and repetitive. Often it will sing all night long, especially in bright springtime moonlight. Facts:

Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia — animals
Genus Mimus Boie, 1826 — mockingbirds

Do mockingbirds kill other birds?

Other birds may gather to watch as the mockingbirds drive away the intruder. In addition to harassing domestic cats and dogs that they consider a threat, mockingbirds will at times target humans. The birds are bold, and will attack much larger birds, even hawks.

What is Tennessee state reptile?

Eastern Box Turtle. The Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina, was designated the official state reptile by Public Chapter 367 of the 99th General Assembly in 1995.

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