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What is a pie bird?

Is a pie bird necessary?

Pie birds aren’t necessary, but they do help prevent soggy crusts and sticky messes.

How do you use a pie bird vent?

Using a pie bird is pretty straightforward; it simply goes on top of your bottom layer of crust in the middle of your pie dish, and your filling is placed around it, and then place your top crust over the pie bird, cutting a small hole in the middle so the pie bird pokes through the crust.

What is a vintage pie bird?

Baked in a pastry, these ceramic utensils offer an adorable way to let off steam. Baked in a pastry, these ceramic utensils offer an adorable way to let off steam. And displayed on kitchen shelves, these pie figurines, antique and new, positively sing.

What happens if you don’t vent a pie?

” Pie gap” happens when you bake a pie with a filling such as apples, which shrink substantially when you cook them. Without pie vents, the apples shrink, but the crust retains its original shape, producing a wide gap filled with air between the crust and the filling. The top crust collapses when you cut into the pie.

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Where can I buy a pie bird?

You can buy a standard Pie Bird (, $13) in many specialty cooking stores. If you want to start a collection of rare or unique finds, check out eBay and Etsy. After you’ve unrolled your bottom crust, place your pie bird in the center of the pie.

What can I use instead of pie funnel?

If you don’t have a pie funnel you can always use an upside down egg cup. Pop your filling in.

What is a pie flute?

1. Use a fork to crimp the edge. 2. Or use two hands to pinch (” flute “) the edge of the crust: push your thumb from one hand in between the thumb and index finger of the opposite. Or use one hand to pinch (” flute “) the edge of the crust between your thumb and the side of your index finger.

How do you use a crimper tool on a pie crust?

Pinch your thumb and index finger of your right hand on the outside of the crust onto onto the index finger of your left hand on the inside of the pie pan, working your way evenly around the pan. Prick the dough with a fork. Cover dough with plastic wrap. Freeze pie dough in the pan for 30 minutes.

What are pie weights?

Pie weights are used to keep a pie crust from bubbling and shrinking away from the edge of the pie plate or tart pan when you’re blind baking (a fancy term for prebaking a crust). If you don’t own pie weights, there are plenty of things in your pantry that you can use instead.

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Should you poke holes in bottom of pie crust?

After you ‘ve rolled out the dough, you can prick holes into it so that the steam escapes while it’s baking. Otherwise, you will have lots of bubbles and pockets in your crust which will create an unbalanced surface for your choice of filling.

How do you stop a pie gap?

Now let’s see how to prevent it. Use butter, not shortening. The solidity of unmelted fat is part of what helps pie crust hold its shape as it bakes. Keep water to a minimum. This pie pastry looks good, doesn’t it? Roll sparingly. Choose apples that hold their shape. Vent the top crust.

How do you keep a pie crust from getting soggy on the bottom?

Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust Bake it Blind. Choose a Rack. Brush the Bottom. Use a Cookie Sheet. Make a Thicker Crust. Add a Layer. Fill It While It’s Hot.

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